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Wisdom is Not Hard to Find

We take the whole of [esvignore]Proverbs 8[/esvignore] today as we learn about the nearness of wisdom to God’s people. Our Lord does not open our eyes to the glory of salvation, and then cruelly hide Himself from us. What He asks of us, He equips us to do. In this sermon we look at the urgency of Wisdom’s call, the public nature of Wisdom’s call, the personal aspect of the call to be wise, and finally the title point, that Wisdom is near by.

[esvignore]Proverbs 8[/esvignore] is considered one of the high points of the Proverbs, at least it is the crescendo of the father/teacher’s exhortations to his son/student. Come, let us pursue wisdom together!
Proverbs 8


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