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Now Its Up To You – Proverbs Wrap Up

Our last sermon in our Proverbs study looks at [esvignore]Proverbs 9[/esvignore]. Here we find a final exhortation to the son/student to love and cherish Wisdom. Our text brings us through the top four warnings from [esvignore]Proverbs 1-8[/esvignore] as a review, and such a review is a welcomed thing to God’s people who recognize that we are but children in need to repetition. We discover four points in our text this Sunday: 1. Wisdom demands good company; 2. Wisdom’s riches are for the humble; 3. Wisdom is the fear of God; and 4. Wisdom means avoid the adulteress at all cost.

As we finish our study, the value of wisdom is not left behind. Let us heed the call of Christ, which is the call of wisdom!
Proverbs 9


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