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Sermons on Psalms

Psalm 5

This message marks another quick departure from the [esvignore]2 Samuel[/esvignore], although we will be talking at length about David.  Here we work through[esvignore]Psalm 5[/esvignore].  This psalm is a personal lament by David, and we will spend time looking at David’s actions words in the face of the difficulties before him. Our Public reading was[esvignore]Romans 3:9-25a[/esvignore]; Our benediction was[esvignore]1 Corinthians 15:58[/esvignore].

In All That He Does, He Prospers

[esvignore]Psalm 1[/esvignore] – This psalm opens the collection of psalms that we find in our Bible today.  It is foundational a proper understanding of God, man, godliness, and prosperity.  Verses 1 and 2 are often quoted and memorized as they encourage man to walk in purity.  Verse 3, on the other hand, describes the blessed man as prosperous in all that he…

Exposition of Psalm 51

[esvignore]Psalm 51[/esvignore] – David’s fall is something worth avoiding. But David’s rise is something we should imitate. If David, a King, was not excluded from the reach of the law, the law delivered by Nathan the prophet, let us humble ourselves and hear the law from Christ our savior delivered by the scriptures. Don’t reject the hard words of admonition from God’s…