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Two Kinds of Children – A Gospel Message

This Sunday we heard a gospel plea from the pages of [esvignore]Ephesians 2:1-3[/esvignore] and from [esvignore]1 John 2:28-3:5[/esvignore]. Pastor Head examines eight characteristics of the children of wrath, and eight characteristics of the children of God. In this sermon, we speak frankly about Hell, sin and the dangerous plight of all who are ‘children of wrath’. This is a gospel message and…

Exposition of Psalm 51

[esvignore]Psalm 51[/esvignore] – David’s fall is something worth avoiding. But David’s rise is something we should imitate. If David, a King, was not excluded from the reach of the law, the law delivered by Nathan the prophet, let us humble ourselves and hear the law from Christ our savior delivered by the scriptures. Don’t reject the hard words of admonition from God’s…