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2nd Samuel – David’s Passionate Fall

Our sermon is entitled David’s Passionate Fall, and it is a sobering one. We will be in [esvignore]2 Samuel 11:1-5.[/esvignore]  We will look frankly at the topic of lust and adultery. King David’s fall into a great and heart-breaking sin is almost unbelievable, and David seems like a whole different person in this chapter. We tread more slowly through this chapter because adultery and lust are sins that are not only common today, they are accepted as normal and celebrated as fun. In the coming week or two, we will look at the compounding of David’s sin to include deception, murder and manipulation, and then at David’s exposure by God. We will grapple with the implications of this fall into sin and apply its lessons to our own circumstances today. We end with suggestions on how to avoid falling into adultery ourselves when confronted with the temptation. We will tackle this sorrowful text in six sections:

  1. It Can Happen to You
  2. A Contrast of Settings
  3. Delights of the Eyes
  4. Crossing to the Forbidden Zone
  5. Sin Finds You Out
  6. Avoiding Temptation to Adultery
    1. Have a plan in place
    2. Avoid idleness / change your habits 
    3. Flee the first sign of danger
    4. Do not entertain fantasies 
    5. Run to scripture

Our public reading  was [esvignore]Matthew 5:27-30[/esvignore].

2 Samuel 11:1-5.

Matthew 5:27-30