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2nd Samuel – Rejecting the Kindness of the King

Our sermon is taken from a battle account in [esvignore]2 Samuel 10[/esvignore]. We will hear about David’s exceptionally good character as King and will see how the life lived at war with God is futile, costly and painful. We will learn based upon the following outline:

  1. The Man Inclined to Peace
  2. Refused and humiliated
  3. Dire but Delayed Consequences
  4. Apply: Blessed are you…
    1. Be kind, it is a fruit of the Spirit.
    2. But do not expect kindness in return.
    3. A note about Suspicion
    4. Do not find yourself in Ammon

Our public reading is from [esvignore]Matthew 21:33-46[/esvignore].

2 Samuel 10
Matthew 21:33-46