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2nd Samuel – Fallout

This week we will read the entirety of [esvignore]2 Samuel 11[/esvignore]. Our lesson will focus on compounding of sin and the public nature of sexual immorality. It is never a private matter, it is a social issue. No one can say “Its just my business, no one else’s.” The sermon outline is:

  1. Intro and Comments on Last Week
  2. David’s Bad Moves
    a. Plan A
    b. Plan B
    c. Plan C
  3. Leveraging Others – Joab’s Usefulness
  4. The Last Word – God’s Displeasure
    a. David was pleased
    b. God was not
  5. Sexual sin is not a private matter
    a. Wreaks havoc in the family
    b. Wreaks havoc in society.
  6. David’s Shortcoming Points Us to Christ

Our public reading was a short reading, but one of profound encouragement, [esvignore]1 Timothy 1:12-17[/esvignore].

2 Samuel 11

1 Timothy 1:12-17