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Predestination in John’s Gospel

[esvignore]John 10:22-30[/esvignore] – One of the most compelling and clear areas in scripture where the doctrine of predestination is taught is the Gospel of John. Jesus demonstrates that belief in Him is tied to belonging to Hm from eternity past. In this sermon, we first look at the context which calls our attention to national Judaism, the antithesis of the gospel. Against this backdrop, John shows us that the Kingdom is greater than a national people. Next, we learn that Jesus refutes two modern errors taught about predestination: 1.) that predestination does not focus on merely a group or national people, but individuals; and 2.) that God the Father does not look down a corridor of time to see who would believe because such a view destroys omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence.

John 10:22-30


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