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Jesus is the Light of the World!

[esvignore]John 8:12-30 – In our text today, Jesus teaches those in the temple that he is the light of the world. This is the second of the metaphorical “I am” statements in this gospel. In John 6 Jesus called himself the Bread of Life. That was the first. We will see 5 more before we finish this gospel account. These metaphors, and the conversations he has with the Jews of his day are recorded for us to help us understand who Jesus is, and how we can have eternal life in his name. As we have mentioned before in this study of John, believing in Jesus that we may have life is the primary reason for this gospel account.[/esvignore]

John 20:31

[esvignore]So with that in mind, we will focus today on John 20:12, where Jesus says that he is the light of the world.[/esvignore]

John 8:12-30


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