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Children Obey Your Parents Part II – The Parent’s Duty

Need some parenting advice? Looking for how to raise your children in Christ without angering them or abandoning them to the world? The Apostle Paul has wise words for us in [esvignore]Ephesians 6:4[/esvignore]. This is a very important message that teaches us how to apply our faith to our family where it really counts. We must minister faithfully to our children, raise a godly generation, and pass the torch of Christ on to those who will carry His banner further into history. But how? In this sermon we lay a foundation for parenting from Paul’s wise commands, and then bring theology home to where it counts. We will apply Paul’s command by outlining 11 practical ways to live without exasperating our children to wrath. (Note – in the sermon, Pastor Head says there are a tidy 12 application points, but he skipped number 10. Keep that in mind as you listen). This message providentially came on Father’s Day, so the it was particularly fitting.

This is a very important message, we pray it will bless you and your family.

Our Public Reading this Sunday was [esvignore]Psalm 127[/esvignore], and our benediction was from [esvignore]Ephesians 6:23-24[/esvignore]

Ephesians 6:4

Psalm 127

Ephesians 6:23-24




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