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Biblical Vision and Purpose for Christ’s Church

[esvignore]Acts 6:1-7[/esvignore] – Where does a Christian church find it’s vision and purpose?  Does it come from the visions and dreams of their pastors?  Does it come from the popular authors of the day?  Do we receive it from marketing consultants?  Community surveys?  Church tradition?  Does that purpose change with the times?  And secondly, how is a church to fulfill that vision and purpose?  Is it through these means as well?

In this sermon, we will discuss what God says in His divinely inspired Word about the vision and purpose of the church, and how He has ordained it to be accomplished.  The Bible includes all we need to answer these questions…yes, even in these post-modern times.  We don’t need new approaches.  We don’t need a new message.  We just need to be true to the one we have been given.

[esvignore]In this sermon we will take an expositional look at the early church in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 6:1-7), beginning with an exegesis of Romans 1:16.  This sermon is a case study for making true disciples, and includes an in-depth discussion of the biblical gospel message, and how both churches and individuals can avoid being ashamed of it, instead utilizing its power to bring sinners to repentance.  This sermon also includes discussion of the creation of (and qualifications for) the office of deacon, which is included in Acts 6.[/esvignore]

Acts 6:1-7


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