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2nd Samuel – You Are The Man!

Our sermon this week is entitled You Are The Man! and is taken from [esvignore]2 Samuel 12:1-15[/esvignore]. Here we continue to look at the fall of David, and finally we come to his exposure. Many months have passed since David murdered Uriah, the child conceived by the adulterous union is born, and Nathan the prophet is sent by God to do one of the hardest jobs God’s people can do – confronting a brother in sin. David is exposed and we see his hardness of heart come crashing down in a confession of guilt. In the end, we will be taken from ancient Israel to the cross, and from the cross to the heavenly throne, where our true King dwells. We will be driven to ask “Who can lead us? Who can represent us? Who can save us? We’ll look at this text in seven sections:
  1. The Hardest Job in the World
  2. A Hypocrite’s Burdened Life
  3. The Hammer Falls
  4. Consequences
  5. The grace of our Lord overflowed for me
  6. The Uncomfortable Actions of God
  7. Putting it all together
Our public reading was[esvignore]Psalm 32[/esvignore], our benediction was[esvignore] 2 Peter 1:2[/esvignore]