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1st Samuel – The Supremacy of the Word

Our first church service of 2017 brings us to a wonderful topic at the heart of Christian living – that is, the supremacy of the Word of God. This means that we hold the Bible as the sole and ultimate authority over any other sort of divine word or revelation. We learn this lesson by seeing how David returns to the Lord in earnest, inquiring of Him through prophet and priest. We read [esvignore]1 Samuel 23:1-14[/esvignore], and our public reading was [esvignore]Psalm 19[/esvignore].

In this sermon we briefly look at the circumstances of the narrative, then we draw out the lesson about the supremacy of God’s Word. We examine the nature of revelation. We then examine three common errors Christians make about divine revelation: 1.) Treating God like a Fortune Teller ; 2.) Claiming personal special revelation; 3.) Using the Word for Future-telling and so-called prophecy. Finally, we briefly learn four ways to properly use the Word of God.

1 Samuel 23:1-14

Psalm 19