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1st Samuel – Faithful Friends

In this message we look at [esvignore]1 Samuel 23, 15-29[/esvignore]. The prime meat of our study will be the first paragraph, in which we meet David’s good friend once Jonathan again. The sermon is divided into five sections: First, we gain some context by understanding David’s circumstances and how we can relate to him where he is. Second, we look again at David’s friend. In this section we will discover three actions of a true friend. Third we uncover the nature of Jonathan’s encouragement. And fourth, we look at the concept of perseverance in the faith when had providences come our way. Finally, we will have three suggestions for encouraging friends.

[esvignore]Psalm 54[/esvignore] was our public reading.

1 Samuel 23, 15-29

Psalm 54