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1st Samuel – Toppling Idols

Here we encounter the delicious humbling of Dagon by God, as the Philistines place the captured Ark of God beside Dagon in a place of subjugation. God is not mocked. This would prove to be a very bad idea. We work through the whole of [esvignore]1 Samuel chapter 5[/esvignore] and learn that man loves to set up his toppled idols over and over. The judgment of God on man is a very real (yet unpopular) concept. In this sermon we examine how history testifies that we are slow to learn and a rebellious people. We use the rise and fall of modernism (defined as 1820-ish to 1950-ish) as an illustration that man will gladly suffer and set up Dagon all over again, so long as he doesn’t have to face the God of the Bible. We then bring this lesson home and see how a sovereign God doesn’t need men like the false gods do. He needs nothing, He is self sufficient, He is utterly holy. Join us and lets learn about this God of ours.

Our public reading was [esvignore]1 Corinthians 10[/esvignore]

1 Samuel 5

1 Corinthians 10