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1st Samuel – Ichabod

This sermon, from [esvignore]1 Samuel 4:12-22[/esvignore], examines several themes that are present in the terrible days of Israel when the Ark was captured by the Philistines. First we observe the story of Eli’s death. We look at this character, Eli, and uncover why the judgment of God came upon his house, and we see how serious it is to serve two masters. Afterward, we’ll leave Eli to the pages of history, as the old man is dead. Next, we find ourselves in an intimate setting where Eli’s grandchild is born, his mother dies in grief and desolation, and his name declares “Ichabod,” or ‘no glory.’ The nation is deeply cursed.

We are driven to ask the very perplexing question: why did so blessed a people lose their children and grandchildren to apostasy and rank paganism so soon after they had been the recipients of much grace? Where are the great examples of multi-generational faithfulness? Is it even possible to have lines of faithful people? Why is it so rare in history? Is there hope for us at all? Join us and lets dig into Biblical thinking.

Our public reading was pertinent to the state of Israel in Eli’s day. It was [esvignore]Judges 2:1-15[/esvignore]

Our benediction was from [esvignore]Jude verses 24-25[/esvignore]

Our Passage:
1 Samuel 4:12-22

Our public scripture reading:
Judges 2:1-15

Our benediction:
Jude Judges 2:24-25