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Gospel of Matthew – Dissecting the Heart of Man

Our message is a continuation of our study of the Gospel of Matthew, it is entitled, “Dissecting the Heart of Man” from [esvignore]Matthew 12:33-37[/esvignore]. In this message, we will look at what the inward man is like – are we spirit? Soul? Spirit and soul? And how does it all relate to the body? How do we know? Jesus teaches us very clearly how the words we speak demonstrate the nature of our inward man. This message, though we will take the text and step through it, is also a stepping off point to a partly topical message about the condition of the heart of the believer. Are we “deceitful and desperately sick” or is there more to it? We will delve into “cardiontology” in this message

The high level divisions give you a tase of the message:

  • Ontolo-what?
  • Words Can Never Hurt Me, or Can They?
  • “Cardiontology”
  • Tending Your Heart

Public reading: [esvignore]Jeremiah 17:5-18[/esvignore]; Benediction: [esvignore]1 Chronicles 29:11-13[/esvignore]

Matthew 12:33-37

Jeremiah 17:5-18

1 Chronicles 29:11-13