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1st Samuel – Saul’s Blindness, David’s Wisdom

Our text will is [esvignore]1 Samuel 26[/esvignore]. We meet Saul yet again. This is a similar incident to the episode in the caves at Engedi where David cut a corner off Saul’s robe. In fact, people who try to attack the truth of the Bible point at these two stories as proof that the text is corrupted. They say the two chapters – [esvignore]24 and 26[/esvignore] – are two versions of one story and that both deviate from a lost original tale. While it may be tempting for some folks to think that, having two historical events that closely parallel one another is not a good reason to toss out the two stories. History is filled with other examples. But more importantly, we ought to remember that its is common for our good and patient God to emphasize things with repetition. Though this is a classic passage for those who find fault with the Bible, I approach it (as do sound theologians and commentators) as inspired scripture and will not waste our pulpit time with this discussion. Let us benefit from God’s Word as it is.

We’ll look at how Saul has descended into utter blindness. He’s going back on his word given in the last confession. Here he is a again with his spear, hunting David. David yet again demonstrates that he will not kill Saul, and proves that he has learned well the lesson to trust not in his own hand. We will also learn about forgiveness and trust. How are these two related? Must we always return to the way things were, as if nothing happened, when we forgive a repeat and habitual offender? These are questions for which the Bible has wise counsel.

Our public reading was [esvignore]1 John 1:5 – 2:6[/esvignore].

1 Samuel 26

1 John 1:5 – 2:6