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Gospel of Matthew Sermon Series Bibliography

Now that we are at the end of our Matthew sermon series, it is time again for publishing the bibliography of works cited. I wrote about the usefulness of a good list of references in Love the Bibliography, and know that fellow bibliophiles appreciate such a resource. It also serves to be a tool by which people can get a better sense of the theological currents that are in play in our church. It serves as a mark of transparency – we do not desire to hide any of our sources of study, and desire to credit the labors of men and women who worked hard on our behalf. A good bibliography is a joy to mine for gold nuggets. The following list is every substantial resource used as a footnote in our sermon texts. I hope you will find this one useful.

As with the last bibliography, items marked with a red plus sign + are those which were leaned on heavily, items marked with a green plus sign + are those resources I recommend to have around the house. – Pastor Head

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