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Quotes: Edward Payson on Owning Christ

Periodically, good quotes are worthy of our pondering. Here’s one from Edward Payson:

“Every real Christian may say Christ is mine. There are five different ways in which any thing may become ours. The first is by formation or production. In this way the articles which we construct, and the fruits of the earth which our labor produces, become ours, The second is by purchase or exchange. In this way we obtain many things which were previously the property of others. The third is by inheritance. In this manner we become possessed of the property of deceased relatives. The fourth is by conquest. In this manner many things are acquired, especially by sovereign princes. The last is by gift. In this manner whatever is bestowed on us by the generosity of others becomes our property. Among all these ways there is only one in which Christ can become ours. He cannot become ours by formation for he created us and not we him. He cannot become ours by right of inheritance; for we are the offspring of a degenerate race and can inherit nothing from them but sin and misery. He cannot become ours by purchase; for he will not sell himself, and if he would, who is rich enough to pay the price? He cannot become ours by conquest, for who is able to overcome Omnipotence? There is but one other way in which any thing can become ours, viz. by gift; and in this way Christ becomes the property of all his people.”

Payson, Edward D.D. The Complete Works of Edward Payson. Harrisburg, VA: Sprinkle Publications, 1988. 553. Print.