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David: Man of War, Man of Prayer

One of the benefits of preparing a sermon each week is the joy of studying from many good books. I love to spend time with my author friends who I have never met, most of them are dead by now. These men labored for the Lord in a manner at which I can only marvel. They left to the rest of us great storehouses of treasure, if we will only open the doors and go inside. One such treasure is this glorious book. It is by a revered particular Baptist man of the 20th century, Walter Chantry, who, by the way, is still serving the Lord today.

This little book is a look at David’s life through the summary of the pages of first and second Samuel. It is exceedingly useful and filled with concise chapters of rich, sound, exposition and application. It reads easy, and is paced quickly. Chantry is one of those authors I can heartily recommend. Here is a sample regarding the conscience, when David did not kill Saul in the cave of Engedi, though he had the chance.

Even when no human voice has accused us, there has been the echo of God’s law condemning us from deep within our souls… Although conscience does not name Him, it is preparing us to look to Jesus for pardon and cleansing. There is no other to quiet conscience, while we squarely face our sins… Conscience unrelieved is a heavy burdern. Yet conscience is a friend to hurry you into the arms of the only Savior from the broken law and its curse.” – Walter Chantry, David: Man of War, Man of Prayer.

You can find the book here at Banner of Truth