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Why You Should Care About the Sufficiency of Scripture

We begin a series of topical sermons chosen to stir us up to conviction and greater faith. This first one deals with a topic that is important because it is so often neglected by believers who are, in general well intentioned but not well exercised in living consistently with our calling. Our sermon is entitled Why You Should Care About the Sufficiency of Scripture and will cover a number of passages, but we will begin in [esvignore]Luke 6:46[/esvignore]. This message deals with:

  1. The necessity of the Bible
  2. The Preciousness of the Bible,
  3. The Practical Bible, and will end with a few suggestions in section
  4. Correcting an Insufficient View of the Word.

This will probably sting us all a bit, for we all tend to look for solutions to our problems elsewhere before we look to the Word of God. I will speak of common modern problems, like pornography, marriage conflict, unbelief, and so on, because these are the ones that believers often think God can’t handle.

Our public reading was[esvignore]James 1:19-27[/esvignore], our benediction,[esvignore]Ephesians 6:24[/esvignore].

Luke 6:46

James 1:19-27

Ephesians 6:24