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Unto Us a Child is Born

Our text is a single verse, [esvignore]Isaiah 9:6[/esvignore]. Here we will investigate the glorious names of Christ as they are attributed to Jesus 700 years before his birth. We will be treated to a number of scriptures supporting the text. Our sermon is divided up into 11 brief points:

  1. To Us
  2. Given
  3. A Child is born
  4. A Son
  5. Government on His Shoulders
  6. Wonderful
  7. Counselor
  8. Mighty God
  9. Everlasting Father
  10. Prince of Peace
  11. Conclusion

Our public reading was[esvignore]Luke 1:26-38[/esvignore],[esvignore]46-55[/esvignore]. Our Benediction was[esvignore]Luke 2:14.[/esvignore]

Isaiah 9:6

Luke 1:26-38;46-55