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Unity and Diversity

[esvignore]Galatians 1:11-17, Romans 14:1-9 – At this point in Chapter 1 of Galatians, the apostle Paul is continuing to make the point to his brothers and sisters that they are to stick to the true gospel, rejecting all other distortions.  In our text today, Paul continues to reinforce the message that they are to listen to what he has preached because his message was not something man made or defective.  Rather it came from direct revelation from God.  Therefore, the church, Paul says, must cling to what he has said, for it is true.  [/esvignore]

This uniting around the one, true gospel is a mark of the church.  Where you find the true gospel, you find part of the church.  Where you find a part of the church, you should find the true gospel.

The call to unity around the true gospel is compelling to the [esvignore]Galatians and necessary for us today as well.  The church today, must remain unified around the true gospel, rejecting all of the modern rehashings of the old heresies long ago put out of orthodoxy.[/esvignore]

However, it is often challenging for the church to remain unified when it comes to the doctrines in the church which frequently divide us.  What about the “non-essential” or “supporting” doctrines where differences are allowed?  How do we, the church, maintain unity in the bond of peace when there is so much to disagree about?  Listen to Pastor Lee explore these issues and more from [esvignore]Galatians 1 and Romans 14.[/esvignore]

Galatians 1:11-17

Romans 14:1-9


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