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Titus – The Good Fruit of God’s Grace

We continue in our series on the epistle of Titus by examining [esvignore]Titus 2:11-15[/esvignore]. We’ll look at God’s grace in three tenses, Past Grace, Present Grace and Future Grace. We will learn that we discover this grace through God’s “Standard Message,” which is that unchanging fidelity to the Word of God. As we have been learning, things that accord with sound doctrine ought to mark us out as true believers. But what is the power to practice these many instructions? It is grace. We will find that grace is the power unto obedience, and that’s what is so lacking in Crete and in our own day. Our sermon divisions:

  1. The Trouble With Grace
  2. Past Grace
  3. Present Grace
  4. Future Grace
  5. The Standard

Our public reading was [esvignore]Romans 6:1-14[/esvignore]

Titus 2:11-15

Romans 6:1-14