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Rejoice in the Wife of Your Youth

Our study of [esvignore]Proverbs[/esvignore] brings us to the topic of marital fidelity. As the father teaches the son to “rejoice in the wife of your youth” and to keep his marriage covenant pure, he also encourages him to delight in his wife – she is a good gift from God. In this sermon from [esvignore]Proverbs 5:15-23[/esvignore], we carefully speak about the physical delights of the marriage union and then consider the importance of a faithful marriage. This message is given as a contrast to the bitterness of infidelity and the terrible consequences of heeding the lures of the adulteress. In our congregation’s public reading this Sunday we visited [esvignore]Genesis 2:15-25[/esvignore] to support our sermon text and to see some of the beautiful symbolism found in Christian matrimony. Join us as we are nourished from the Word of God on this most important subject.

Proverbs 5:15-23

Genesis 2:15-25


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