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Man Pleasing or God Pleasing: What Does Your Gospel Say About You?

In this sermon from [esvignore]Galatians 1:6 to 2:14[/esvignore], we find that what we preach and the fruit we bear uncovers where our heart’s devotion lies. In order for the [esvignore]Galatian[/esvignore] false teachers to be proven errant, Paul had to establish his credible witness and His gospel’s divine origin. From Paul’s testimony to the churches in [esvignore]Galatia[/esvignore], we find his gospel affirmed by:  1. his to the apostles, 2. his acceptance by the apostles, and 3. his active engagement in the apostolic community. This means his gospel aligned with the apostle’s teaching, he was considered part of the community of faith, and he engaged in activity consistent with the community of faith.

If you struggle with fear of men, or pleasing people, this is a message for you.

Our public reading for this Sunday was from [esvignore]Isaiah 2[/esvignore]

Galatians 1:6-2:14


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