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2nd Samuel – Let Us Fall Into the Hand of the Lord

Our sermon is the last of our Samuel series. We’ve now had 46 sermons in I Samuel, 35 sermons in II Samuel. Apart from our 8 week study of Titus in between, we’ve been in Samuel for over two years. At long last we come to the end. The message is entitled  “Let Us Fall Into the Hand of the Lord” and we will cover all of [esvignore]2 Samuel 24[/esvignore]. In this final epilogue vignette from the reign of David, we are challenged us with some particularly bold theological assertions. We stress only three points in this chapter, we could mine it for more, but the following are most pressing for us in our congregation:

  1. The Mysteries of God’s Wrath
  2. Comfort in Distress: God’s Good Mercy
  3. Atonement of Wrath

We spend the majority of the sermon on the first point, but the rest will be short. Application is mixed in with each section instead of our typical tradition of having a separate application section.

We moved our public reading to the end of the sermon as a fitting tribute to the message. Mr. Lee read [esvignore]1 Chronicles 29:10-28[/esvignore].

2 Samuel 24

1 Chronicles 29:10-28