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Gospel of Matthew – Woes and Rest for the Soul

We examine Jesus’ prophetic declarations of judgment upon those cities which ignored his mighty deeds, and draw from the text several very pertinent truths. Upon discovering it is our duty to repent and have faith, we then receive a call from the Lord to do just that. We cover [esvignore]Matthew 11:20-30[/esvignore].

  • The Duty to Repent
  • Degrees of Punishment
  • The Wise Ones Listen
    • God prefers the weak and humble
    • Jesus alone shows us what the Father is like.
    • Jesus’ Yoke
  • Call

Public reading: [esvignore]Jeremiah 8:4-13[/esvignore]; Benediction: [esvignore]Romans 15:13[/esvignore]

Matthew 11:20-30

Jeremiah 8:4-13

Romans 15:13