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Gospel of Matthew – The Quiet Servant

We continue in our Matthew series with a message entitled “The Quiet Servant” taken from [esvignore]Matthew 12:15-21[/esvignore]. It should be an encouraging message with hope for all of us.

  • The Radical Temperament of the Savior
    • The prophet’s song
    • Non-combative Jesus
  • Bruised Reeds
    • Who does the bruising?
    • Two purposes for bruising
  • Smoking Flax
    • Low on heat, high on stink
    • Biblical examples
    • The Lord’s Compassion

Public reading: [esvignore]Isaiah 42:1-9[/esvignore]; Benediction: [esvignore]Jude 1:24-25[/esvignore]

Matthew 12:15-21

Isaiah 42:1-9

Jude 1:24-25