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Gospel of Matthew – Son of David, Son of Abraham

Our message will cover [esvignore]Matthew 1:1-17[/esvignore], a beautiful bit of scripture, because of the wisdom of Matthew to begin with a distinctly royal lineage. Even from a list, we find great hope that heaven is not barred to us Gentiles and sinners, for our Lord is not ashamed to find in His descendants tainted blood and sinful people. When the gospel can be found in a genealogy, how blessed we are to look into these things! Our sermon breaks down like so:

  1. The Title
  2. Royal Heir
  3. Fulfilled Promises of Abraham
  4. 14-14-14
  5. Surprising Names
Public reading:[esvignore]Isaiah 6:1-7[/esvignore]; Benediction:[esvignore]2 Peter 1:2-3[/esvignore]