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Gospel of Matthew – Loving Our Enemies

Our message is entitled Loving Our Enemies and is the final of six examples of how our righteousness ought to exceed that of the Pharisees. It is drawn from [esvignore]Matthew 5:43-48[/esvignore], but as usual, we will touch on a number of other passages along the way. This final command is among the most difficult of Christ’s directives to His people, let us come with humble attitudes to the Word and seek to conform to even these more difficult challenges to our flesh. Also, we will look at the apparent conflict between God’s love for all men and His hatred for His enemies. That is a hefty subject, one I believe we need to know about.

We will split the sermon into three parts, the lie, the truth and the challenge.

Public reading: [esvignore]Luke 10:29-37[/esvignore]; Benediction: [esvignore]I Thessalonians 3:11-13[/esvignore].

Matthew 5:43-48

Luke 10:29-37

1 Thessalonians 3:11-13