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Gospel of Matthew – Fully God and Fully Man

Today we look at [esvignore]Matthew 1:18-25[/esvignore], a storehouse of core doctrine and an encouraging passage about the birth of Jesus. Here we will encounter the unique purpose of the virgin birth, the power of our Lord’s name, and the mystery of the union of Christ’s two natures. It may seem unusual to many of us, speaking of the incarnation in the middle of summer, but what a glorious thing to look into! Our outline will be:
  1. Virgin Birth
    1. Born of a woman, but not of a man
    2. Born of God
    3. The dual nature of Christ cannot be minimized.
  2. The Name of the Savior
    1. The good character of Joseph
    2. The angel’s instruction.
    3. The other name?
  3. Identifying the Lord – Matthew’s Apologetic
  4. Love Expressed in “God With Us”
Public reading:[esvignore]John 1:1-18[/esvignore]; Benediction:[esvignore]I Thessalonians 5:23[/esvignore]