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Gospel of Matthew – Fear of Man

Our message is again from the Gospel of Matthew, it is entitled “Fear of Man” and taken from [esvignore]Matthew 10:26-33[/esvignore]. We will examine Jesus’ command to not fear those who oppose the gospel, regardless of their ferocity and power. Jesus gives us three reasons to encourage us to fearlessness. The outline will look like this:

  • Opposition Is Normal
    • Three Reasons to Fear Not:
    • The Good News Will Triumph
    • The Soul is More than the Body
  • God’s Sovereignty Cares for Us
  • Priorities: It is not Optional
  • How to Know if you Fear Man & What to Do About It

Public reading: [esvignore]Psalm 147[/esvignore]; Benediction: [esvignore]2 Peter 1:2-3[/esvignore]

Matthew 10:26-33
Psalm 147
2 Peter 1:2-3