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2nd Samuel – David’s Parenting Failure & Provoking Your Child to Wrath

We continue in the latter years of David’s life in [esvignore]2nd Samuel 14[/esvignore]. We will cover the whole chapter. We find an elaborate plan by David’s chief of the military, Joab, to bring Absalom home to Jerusalem after his banishment to Geshur. The plan doesn’t give the desired results, and we get some insight into this man Absalom, who will be in the forefront of the book for the next four chapters. The outline is:
  1. Some Story Details
    1. Appeals to the law of God
    2. Appeals to family continuity
    3. Appeal to the King’s innocence
    4. Confronting the King’s hypocrisy.
    5. Persuaded by flattery.
  2. Was David for or Against His Son?
  3. More Insights about Absalom.
    1. Beauty
    2. Ego
  4. Application: Provoking a Child to Wrath.
    1. Inconsistent or hypocritical rules.
    2. Unreasonable expectations
    3. Expecting  what only grace can accomplish.
    4. Overly harsh discipline
    5. No discipline at all.
    6. Bad doctrine.
Public reading was[esvignore]Proverbs 9:7-12[/esvignore]. Our benediction was[esvignore]Romans 15:13[/esvignore]