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Born Slaves or Adopted Sons Part 1

We tackle Paul’s appeal to the Galatians as delivered in [esvignore]chapter 4:1-11[/esvignore]. Here, we find some of the most encouraging words in the whole epistle regarding our status as sons and the gospel work of Christ that makes us so. But we also are reminded that before Christ’s work on our behalf, we were slaves, not sons. Recall that in Galatia, the brethren were abandoning the gospel and returning to bondage. How is it that sons can return to the bondage of a cruel slave-master? Is it even possible that he can go back? What is the nature of that returning? Explore the difficult concept of bondage to the “elementary principles of the world” with us. Next week we will examine this same passage and learn about sonship and adoption.

Galatians 4:1-11


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