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Bondservants and Masters Part III

This message if from [esvignore]Ephesians 6:9[/esvignore] where there is an immense amount of learning packed into a very few words. Here we look at the command to masters about how they are expected to treat their slaves. Not applicable to you in this modern time? On the contrary, we will learn how Paul’s words are filled with immensely good application with regard to justice, fairness and equality. We will learn that threatening is a fear tactic and rule from power is dehumanizing.

In this sermon, we will also take a side trip into the terribly ugly ends of dehumanization, using a particularly dark portion of history as an illustration – the Jewish Sonderkommando units in Auschwizt concentration camp during WWII. What could make men do such inhumane things to other men? Our passage seeks to head off the source of corrupting dehumanization by commanding masters to “stop your threatening.” This is a plea to rule by delegated authority rather than by brute power.

We’ll summarize the relationship passages and be exhorted to apply the lessons for the benefit of others and for God’s people.

Ephesians 6:9


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