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Awake, Sleeper

[esvignore]Jonah 1:1-16[/esvignore] – In our continuing investigation of the book of Jonah, we are warned by the prophet’s example. Jonah suffered a spiritual decline that began long before his providential trip to Tarshish. In this sermon, we learn three signs of spiritual decline that lull God’s people to sleep leading to ineffectiveness, dullness of heart and shame. In addition, we discovered that one of our most pressing needs is to understand the extreme danger of even the most insignificant of sins, which, when left unresolved, accumulate to handicap our sensitivity to God’s ways. Our text is [esvignore]Jonah 1:1-16[/esvignore], and our public reading for the day, pertinent to the sermon, was [esvignore]Acts 27[/esvignore]. We called upon [esvignore]Hebrews 2:1[/esvignore] for a direct application verse.
Jonah 1:1-16


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