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2nd Samuel – Redeemed, Preserved, and Privileged

Our message is entitled, Redeemed, Preserved, and Privileged. We will cover [esvignore]2 Samuel 7:18-29[/esvignore]. Here we find David’s response to God’s gracious refusal. David had desired to honor God by building a house for the Ark of God, a very good desire indeed. But God has other plans, plans that knock David’s socks off, so to speak. His response is prayer and praise. Here is an outline.

  1. Brief Review
  2. Redeemed
  3. Preserved
  4. Privileged
  5. Apply – Prayer Time, Praying Praise, What to Pray.
    1. Never Enough Time
    2. Embrace the Wonder of it all in Praise!
    3. What are we to Pray?

Our Public reading was [esvignore]Matthew 6:5-13[/esvignore].

2 Samuel 7:18-29

Matthew 6:5-13