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2nd Samuel – Murder in the House of David and Two Kinds of Discipline

Our sermon launches from [esvignore]2 Samuel 13:23-39[/esvignore]. Here, we discover the increase of misery during the blackest days so far in David’s house. Absalom murders Amnon in revenge for the rape of Tamar and the household just keeps getting worse and worse. We will investigate how God punishes under the old covenant, but in Spiritual Israel, the church, He disciplines in a different way. Our outline looks like this:

  1. Intro – More of the Curse
  2. Manipulation by Bad Sons 
    1. Absalom
    2. Jonadab
  3. David’s Broken Household
    1. Polygamy. 
    2. Lack of discipline of children
    3. Toleration of public sin 
  4. Two Kinds of Discipline
    1. Flesh/Law/Mosaic
    2. Spirit/New Covenant/Church
    3. Exhortation

Our public reading was[esvignore]Hebrews 12:3-17[/esvignore], the benediction was[esvignore]Jude 1:2[/esvignore]

2 Samuel 13:23-39

Hebrews 12:3-17

Jude 1:2