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2nd Samuel – Kingdom Victories

This Lord’s Day sermon is entitled Kingdom Victories and we’ll cover the whole of [esvignore]2 Samuel 8[/esvignore]. This chapter ends a major division in the book of Samuel. We will have a bit of a new thematic flavor as we move into the coming chapters. Here we find a collection of battle reports and names of officials. It might be easy to skip over when we read through the Bible, because its more exciting to read action tales, drama and episodes of great personalities. But these reports are actually very remarkable because they act as a prelude to a greater Kingdom. We will have the following four divisions:

  1. Themes and Promises Fulfilled;
  2. A ‘Blood and Guts’ Kingdom;
  3. The Kingdom’s Honor and Wealth;
  4. Lessons Learned
    1. Being an example of the Kingdom
    2. Let the Bible Teach You the Truth

Our public reading was [esvignore]2 Thessalonians 1[/esvignore]

2 Samuel 8

2 Thessalonians 1