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2nd Samuel – Curing a Casual Attitude Toward God

Our sermon this week will cover the first half of [esvignore]2 Samuel 6[/esvignore],[esvignore]verses 1-11[/esvignore]. We will come along with all Israel on a grand day of festivities and joy in Israel as the Ark of the Covenant is brought out from obscurity. David rightly seeks to put God in the center of national life. And we’ll find out the terrible consequences that come when we are too unfamiliar with God, casual, and ignorant. It is dangerous when we do not focus on the daily, plain commands of God, and remain stunted in our view of God. This is often evident in how we approach our Holy God. If you address God in prayer as “daddy,” you might want to give this message a listen. Our sermon outline follows.

  1.  The Awesome Significance of the Ark
    1. Where is it?
    2. What is it?
    3. “Puttin’ God back in gubermint.”
  2. Trifling with God is Dangerous
    1. A very good day
    2. A very bad day
  3. David’s response
    1. Anger – not at God but…
    2. Fear, trembling
    3. Hands off!
  4. Obed-edom’s house gets the blessing
  5. Curing a Casual Attitude toward God (Application)
    1. Casual is not appropriate with God
    2. God is not a crisis only God.
    3. This God is not who we would invent.

Our public reading is[esvignore]Exodus 25:10-22.[/esvignore]

2 Samuel 6:1-11

Exodus 25:10-22