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2nd Samuel – Absalom the Antithesis: Stealing Power and Chasing Glory

Our sermon is entitled Absalom the Antithesis: Stealing Power and Chasing Glory. It is taken from [esvignore]2 Samuel 15:1-12[/esvignore]. We will examine Absalom’s wicked scheme to revolt against his father, King David, in a bid to take the throne before it is his to take. Absalom is a man of vanity and ego, and it will cause all manner of trouble to the house of David. He echoes our own politician’s practices and sometimes even our own hearts as we strive for glory and self-honor. Our sermon points are:
  1. Power and Pride
  2. Political Deception
  3. Putting Pieces Into Place
  4. Absalom the Antithesis
Public reading:[esvignore]Luke 22:24-27[/esvignore]; Benediction:[esvignore]Psalm 29:11[/esvignore]