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2nd Samuel – A Liar in the Kingdom

We return to the Old Testament today after an eight week study in Titus. We begin the book of [esvignore]2nd Samuel[/esvignore], and we will pick up the story of David where we left it off. We will cover [esvignore]verses 1-16[/esvignore]. In this first chapter, we pick up in the dark days of Israel’s military loss to the combined Philistine army. During that great battle at Mount Gilboa, King Saul and his son Jonathan perished. We will take some time this week to re-calibrate ourselves to the story, and to learn how[esvignore]2nd Samuel[/esvignore] is not only significant in the story of Israel, but how it is significant in the story of the whole Bible. Our sermon sections will be:

  1. The Kingdom of God
  2. Lies Exposed
  3. Grief Can’t Wait
  4. The Safety of Fear, and finally
  5. Making Profit of these Lessons.

Our public reading will be[esvignore]Acts 5:1-11[/esvignore]

2 Samuel 1:1-16

Acts 5:1-11