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1st Samuel – Give Us A King!

Our sermon today covers [esvignore]1 Samuel chapter 8[/esvignore]. If you are listening to this sermon for the first time, please read the chapter, it is not on the audio, it was the day’s public scripture reading which is not recorded.
Israel is changing, a generation has become comfortable with peace and ease. They do not see the need for such an old-fashioned government that God has set over them. Now they desire a king. Gone is the faithful people depending on God alone in the previous chapter. Now we have a people looking around and wooed by the world. We’ll look at five points:
  1. Rejection of the good way for the hard way
  2. A request for a king isn’t a sinful request
  3. Samuel’s warning
  4. Irrational blindness
  5. In them we see ourselves

Our sermon touches on topics such as what makes a good government? Why do God’s people often resist holiness? How are we inconsistent with our profession of faith, and how can we uncover it to repent? Please join us.

Our benediction came from [esvignore]Acts 20:32[/esvignore]:

Acts 20:32

Our public reading was the sermon text, [esvignore]1 Samuel 8[/esvignore]:

1 Samuel 8