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1st Samuel – Fools and Princes, Part 2

Our sermon is entitled “Fools and Princes, Part 2.” Here we learn lessons from Abigail in [esvignore]1 Samuel 25:18-44[/esvignore]. We’ll examine a few characteristics of Abigail’s intercession on behalf of Nabal. Then we will remark on Abigail’s Gospel testimony as a foreshadow of the church. We’ll then have six points of application that Abigail’s example teaches us.

Our public reading was [esvignore]1 Peter 3:1-7[/esvignore].

1 Samuel 25:18-44
1 Peter 3:1-7

Resources cited in this sermon:

  1. Chantry, W. J. (2007). David: Man of Prayer, Man of War. Edinburgh: Carlisle, PA.