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A Source for Good Books

As we enter the new year, I thought it would be helpful to periodically share various resources, quotes or selections from various Christian works that may be useful in personal or family study. I also want to share commercial vendors that supply excellent resources to build up the church. That’s the focus of this post.

One excellent source for good reading material is Solid Ground Christian Books. If you have never explored Michael Gaydosh’s website, please do. He has some exceptional selections and wonderful books for the whole family. Our church benefits greatly from the resources sold here and we are happy to suggest Solid Ground to you as well. Michael’s company publishes the edition of the Confession of Faith that we give to each new member family, and he publishes all ARBCA publications as well. He runs the business largely as a labor of love for God’s people, and he publishes some material not available anywhere else. There is a massive catalog of materials in his store, and its even more fun if you happen to attend a conference where the Solid Ground booth is. That’s a great opportunity.

One of the authors he publishes is Dr. Ichabod Spencer (1798-1854). Dr. Spencer is often called the “Bunyan of Brooklyn.” He authored several books, most of them very pastoral in nature. One great book I love to pick up and read from is his Pastor’s Sketches. In it, we read case studies, or brief reports and stories, about how God’s word challenges and transforms people. These are highly readable accounts of conversations and stories with real people who encountered the need for Jesus.

I found some wonderful quotes in one of my other beloved Spencer books that might be helpful to focus our attentions not merely on our own daily Christian piety, but on learning who God really is by studying Him. This has always been a point of emphasis at Cornerstone – to know God above all else. Dr. Spencer writes:

“A Christian’s piety is not to be nurtured merely by considering the blessings he needs and receives and the sins he repents of. Oh! no: it will be better nurtured when he stirs up his soul to the study of God himself, and fixes his heart to come directly into the presence-chamber of the King of kings.” (source below)

He also wrote:

“Man, as a Christian, as a sanctified and safe-guided sinner, is led to a true sense of sin far more by seeing what God is, than by considering the iniquities which he himself has committed.” (source below)

As we begin a new year with new opportunities, new graces, and new challenges, we can face the future with a smile as always, for we walk with the Sovereign God of the Universe who is sanctifying us and preparing His beloved bride for that great day when we are presented to Him in splendor. Let us focus anew on Him, study the nature of God in Jesus Christ, understand our God in the fullness of the Bible, and keep our focus on Him. May we enjoy a wonderful year of blessing!

Quote Source: Spencer, Dr. Ichabod Smith. The Life & Sermons of Dr. Ichabod Spencer, Vol. 2. Classic Reprint Series. 2. Vestavia Hills, AL: Solid Ground Christian Books, 2003. 121. Print.